About the Author

Craig Edmund Klepin earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing.  He obtained a combined 20 years of professional and multi-faceted business experience in various industries through the diverse areas of market research, promotions, distrubution, operations management and consultative sales. Mr. Klepin also taught Organizational Behavior at the university level which underscores his expertise on the subject of the behavioral component to selling.  With a depth of understanding on how to effectively sell regardless of what is being sold, Mr. Klepin serves to inspire his readers in his book: A1 Sales Pro.

Craig Edmund Klepin:  Examples of my sales accomplishments employing A1 Sales Pro methodologies:

In real estate, working in a retirement community, I sold new homes and resales, tailoring customer offerings to customer tastes. Actively listening allowed me to serve specific customer needs.  One example was an elderly woman  who found new purpose and joy in social clubs that matched her hobbies where she met new people, transforming her personal life, while deciding on a home with all the features and attributes she desired.  The result was a happy customer enthusiastic with referrals.  My sale not only netted me a solid commission, but also transformed a client's life.

In automotive, I performed market research surveying customers on product and service, coordinated promotional campaigns such as ride and drive events, symphonies etc.  Additionally, I directed a region of 50 dealers, coordinating production, shipping, distribution and logistics to ensure corporate objectives to reduce cost and inventory, in one instance, as much as 90 percent inventory reduction, increasing efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

In telecom, I helped businesses increase productivity, revenue and savings through effective communnications solutions.  For example, one business satisified doing business the same way for 46 years and had no intention of changing.  Examining his operational processes indicated a loss of revenue that was not captured.  My system offering solved the dilemma of losing customers to their competition.  My client realized an 35 percent increase in sales and prevented layoffs of 15 percent of their workforce due to stagnant experienced prior to the new system installed.  A more profitable business allowed for a professional image enhancement to align with the times, netting more sales to become a more powerful competitor in their industry. 

In banking, I consulted with businesses on expense management with the objective of adding value, increasing savings and putting money back into the pockets of hard working business owners.  An example was a particular employer who was able to provide employees with incentives for their stellar productivity with added funds to run and fund her business. The savings I identified, covered half their cost of business travel to conventions and clients, netting over $200,000 savings.