About the Book: A1 SALES PRO

A1 Sales Pro offers insights on the selling process to aid sales professionals in developing their craft, useful for the business owner, executive or sales person.

Highlights include the 7 steps to a successful sale, overcoming objections and obstacles, understanding the customer and how to use the best techniques and practices to close your sales.

Devising solutions that make sense to your customer is paramount to closing your sale. Make it personal and meaningful to your client so they can own the solution.  Before they can buy, they have to buy into the idea or concept of the sale.

Mindful attention must be paid in discovering meaningful solutions. Awareness of self and others, is what makes for a more purposeful sales mission.  Effective selling is consultative and not transactional. 

Readers will find practical tips and workable techniques to propel them down the road to destination sales success!

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